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Your donation will count towards the team’s fundraising total. In addition, please give credit to the person that asked for your support to recognize them for their efforts to conquer cancer.


RexallTM OneWalk to Conquer CancerTM benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.


One Powerful Community -- the GO GO GYNE Community.

One Powerful Challenge -- to change the face of Gynecologic Cancers in our lifetime.


Ever day the Gynecologic Cancers Disease Site Group brings together incredible expertise in innovative surgery, state-of-art radiotherapy, precision systemic therapy and proactive supportive care to support women in their journey with gynecologic cancers.


Now, we come together as a team of doctors, nurses, administrative staff, researchers and allied health, to walk together, raise funds together, all to conquer Gynecologic Cancer in our lifetime. 100% of the funds we raise as a team come directly to our site group, allowing us to continue to innovate for the best care for our patients.


With the success of our team last year, we were able to fund 6 new clinical and research programs within our group. Over the next year our group will explore new surgical models using 3D printing, will develop web-based apps to improve the care of women with malignant bowel obstruction and improve access to information about clincial trials. We will also be studying the disease course of women affected with vulvar cancer, sexual health outcomes post-radiotherapy and examine our practices around opiod prescribing.


We will accomplish more this year, through your support to our team last year.


But we have so much more to do.


Every day we walk and stand together -- as colleagues, as patients and loved ones. Now walk with us. GO GO GYNE is motivated to change the face of cancer care for women affected by Gynecologic Cancers in Canada. Join us and be part of that change. 





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