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RexallTM OneWalk to Conquer CancerTM benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

September 2017 - TEAM ANDREA
September 2017 - TEAM ANDREA

Team Andrea

 Team Andrea is one of Andrea Tufts' legacies.  Andrea, our beautiful friend, died on April 22, 2015 of vulvar cancer.

Team Andrea is walking again, our fourth walk.  So far, we have raised over $86,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to research cancer and to help people with cancer.  A big THANK YOU to our Donors.   

Fact: 40% of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 

We have all been affected by cancer, directly or indirectly, a disease that changes lives forever.  We are committed to raising $$ that will lead to a breakthrough.

On Walk day, our Donors, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, OneWalk organization, event Sponsors, Volunteers and Crew, people who cheer us on and children who give high fives and wave handmade signs energize us.  We have 15km, 25km, 40km or 55km to chat, laugh, reminisce, walk along our beautiful city streets. There are moments of sheer joy and inspiration and moments of extreme sadness and loss.

It is a day that you, too, can share in by joining us as a Walker, Crew or Donor.  


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